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We brought our perfectly serviced, barely used, babied, mint condition XL21 in for its yearly check up on 3/4/16. I have had my name written on it in 2 places with silver sharpie for the last 10 years, since the day I bought it. It's important to mention, that my name has "NEVER" worn off due to any other routine cleaning that Oreck's yearly service might have provided in the past. This time they kept my vacuum for over 2 weeks with no call to me about any status update on my vacuum...very odd.

In the past decade I would have my vacuum back in 2-3 days max, since nothing is ever wrong with I said, it is babied.

So, I called them and left a message inquiring about my vacuum and jokingly mentioned, if maybe they gave my vacuum to someone else by accident due to the fact that I hadn't heard from them in so long.

The repair man finally called back a couple days after I left that message, and he said that several things were broken on my vacuum which didn't sound like they were describing my vacuum correctly. Although, I know they love to find things wrong and try to up sell to generate revenue, there is no way he was correctly describing my vacuum. When we picked it up on 3/21/16, we found it was precisely what we was NOT our vacuum. So we explained to them that we had our name on the bag and on the motor housing which had been on there for the last decade, and that the handles were also a slightly different color gray and the overall condition of the unit that they were giving us back could not be our unit. Plus we explained to them that our unit had a broken cord dump which their service department broke a few years back during another routine service. We generally don't ever complain since we all make mistakes and it really didn't bother us, as it didn't impede the proper function of our we didn't complain about it at that time or at any other future routine services. So, we know for sure that our vacuums cord dump was still broken when we dropped it off this last time for service. The vacuum they were trying to give us didn't have a broken cord dump and there was no charge indicated or any mention for it being fixed on the bill that we paid, and as all Oreck owners know... Oreck charges for everything. Proving again that this is not our unit. We stated our case repeatedly that day and for 3 weeks after that, and we continued to consistently describe the specific difference between our vacuum and the one that they were trying to convince us was ours. They maintained that this battered looking vacuum with beat up brushes and full of armor all, was in fact, our vacuum.

Even more proof that we didn't get our XL21 vacuum back.....they themselves pulled up the service records on this XL21 unit that they are trying to pass off as ours, and there own records show that a motor was changed out last year. We did not ever have a motor changed out since it BARELY gets used at all, and we are the original owners of our XL21 vacuum, which we babied when it did get used for the 3 small rugs we have.

I clearly expressed to the service man that I wasn't trying to get a new vacuum out of them due to this mishap and that I wasn't trying to cause any other kind of monetary harm to them by making these claims....I told him that I just wanted my vacuum back and that he should call his other XL21 customers that had brought in an XL21 for service around the same 3 week period, and find my vacuum and return it to me. After all, my name is still on it and is easily legible by whatever customer has it at their house now. The repair man was extremely rude and was full of excuses as he continued to cover himself, but he did slip up and mention that accidental vacuum swapping has happened in the past at that location and that it could "NEVER" happen again. OH REALLY??? Well, Mr. New looks like it has and people interested in an Oreck vacuum in the Greater New Orleans area need to be aware of the rude, lousy and careless service that comes along with Oreck's service plan at your location.

Let me clarify that this issue has only happened once and just recently to us with this vacuum...and it just so happens that the repairman told us that he's only been there for less than a year. A month later now on 4/11/16, there's still no conclusion and I still don't have my original vacuum or any vacuum for that matter, since I left the one they are claiming is mine there with them, hoping that with a little time and some calling around, they would find my vacuum...I guess it would too embarrassing for them to call that many customers and truthfully explain that the vacuum they might now have, might actually be someone else's and that they need to get it back. It'll never happen!!!!!

Some other Oreck XL21 customer now has my pristine and babied vacuum in their home with my name on it. In conclusion their service etiquette is lousy and quite deceitful and this locations service department has deteriorated from past years. Also, I now know that having your name written on an item 2X or 22X doesn't mean a thing today. Take pictures and video of any items that you own that will eventually need servicing in the future. It's the only way to truly ensure that you're getting your cared for item back without it being swapped out by the service technician.....accidentally or not.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of oreck customer care. Oreck needs to "i want my original vacuum returned to me in the condition that i dropped it off. working perfectly" according to poster's claims.

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